44. To My Fishy. :(

It's been...3 months since I last posted. My laziness will kill me someday. Oh em gee, so many things have happened in these 3 months. o__o

First off, MY FISHY DIED TODAY. :(  I've had it for 8 years (since I was in grade 2), and I named it Smarty, 'cause I thought she was smart. She died from old age I think. *sigh* Well, everyone has to die sometime ehh? It's pathetic how I feel more sad about this than other stuff. Hmphh.

EXAM TIME = STRESS. Gawwd. Ib is gonna kill me one day. Actually, my procrastination will. So many assignments, cpt, tests, and EXAMS. I forgot everything I learned so far, and I didn't start ANYTHING yet. 

OH YEAH. So yesterday, I was walking to my mom's car from school, 'cause my mom parks a street away to avoid the huge traffic jam afterschool. So I got into the car, blah blah blah, my mom was talking to me. THEN. MY MOM FAILS. Jeesh. She LOOKED at me while talking, AND driving. Yeah, driving on a straight road and she manages to land the car on the sidewalk/part of someone's lawn. ABOVE teh curb. So we're like OMG. 'Cause we're lodged on top of a pile of snow + it made a loud noise when we hit it. We got outta the car and EVERYONE was staring...it must've been weird for a car to randomly swerve onto the sidewalk/above the curb. Thankfully we didnt' hit anyone, but we were stuck. -____- Sheesh. So my mom couldnt' back out, and i had to use a shovel and scoop teh snow and stuff. AND IT WAS ICE. More bad luck. So luckily this guy comes, and he drives for my mom, and these group of guys from my school helped pushed the car. Because of that, the car finalyl got un-stuck. My mom was so scared/relieved that we hurrily drove away - i thanked them of course. My mom told my dad and my dad started lecturing her - LOL - 'cause of her pathetic driving. My friend happened to walk pass, and she's like O___O cause all you see is a car on part of the sidewalk lodged on top of the snow pile (on the grass) and i;m standing helplessly. D:

Anyways, I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR UPDATING. I'll try to update more. I go more often on Facebook now though, it's weird. ;o  I wouldnt' mind people adding me of facebook, 'cause I go more on there than actually updating on LJ, so add me if you want. :D

I HAVE TO MANY DRAMAS TO WATCH. :(( BUT. I'm at my Taiwanese obsession phase now. :DDD FAHRENHEIT (Wu Chun) + ALAN LUO (Show Luo) + DANSON TANG = <3  Weet, Asian guy obsessed as always.

o__o I watched Twilight a few weeks ago and it was crap. Edward's stare reminded me of how a guy used to look at people/me. FREAKY/STALKER. D: MIKE NEWTON was good looking (better than Edward at least) and the Asian guy (Eric) was amusing. MY FRIEND (Nandita) HAD TO RUIN IT AND SAY THAT HE LOOKED LIKE **** . Sheesh. :((( She should get better glasses. D:

What else? I hate all my teachers this semester except for my English teacher. Jeesh, they're so asdkfjaldfjaadkflj. I KNEW I should've changed my schedule. GAH. 

Poopie, I should start my work now. This is a pretty long entry. :))))

40. Turns

First of all, I would like to thank all my friends for...being my friends? Well, thanks to them, I had a great b-day on Sunday. Yesh, me being lazy, I posted this late. Anyways, you guys make me happy. ;D What else is there to say?

Concert on Thursday at the Living Arts was fun. Adam can be such a girl. Fat cow. Amused @ Ali's opposite-ness than Adam. ;D Esther and me were just like ._." Sheesh, Ali, stop being PARANOID. D: <

Anyways...can't wait for Canada's Wonderland. This makes me want to join band next year. I wonder if they'll let us. Probably not. Maybe I can make a custom request? Who knows.

Today...piano...gay-ness. My teacher totally was in a pissy mood. I got dissed over and over. I swear, she has some Asian blood in her. -_- Stupid math tutor...me getting shamed again, as usual.

And to cap it all, I got a great family. <.< Sarcasm much?
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35. =]

Yesterday was the carnival. It's a good thing I didn't buy the tickets beforehand, 'cause I bought it (sorta) for a dollar, PLUS I used it to buy cotton candy. Stupid cotton candy took half an hour to line up; I only lined up that long with patience 'cause I had a craving for cotton candy. Anyways, the games stuff were from the same company that MCA ordered the bouncy thingys from.

Today was a pretty good day. Coming from me, that's a good day lmao. Haha, during Geo, me and Padam (pai dan: duck egg) were throwing eraser bits at each other. Good old Sahaj days.~ LOOL. -watchherbereadingthis- <- ah well. Daanish and Jorden started throwing too, well, more of Daanish. 'Cept Padam was blaming me for the bits that Daanish threw. D: Well, I did get Daanish back by throwing the eraser bits in his shirt. ;D Frank got annoyed at the end, 'cause I fail so much, and stuff got into his hair. Robert was helping me by throwing some at Padam LOL.

Haha. I used up like half of my eraser. -____- I failed (as usual). I missed SO BADLY. It hit someone else but good thing they didn't notice. =]  At the end, I started owning Padam tho. I was like *throw* and then it hit Padam on his face and got into his hair. ;D Yesh, I am overly amused, but this reminds me of the time me and Luke threw paper + eraser bits at Sahaj. ;D I think Fady too. Don't remember.

Humz. LUNCH WAS SO JOKES OMFGZ LOL. Well, there was the pie throwing thingy at Cormier. He tried too hard to "taunt" us. Failed. Anyways, Simon ownt him and Robert failed. -_- I would buy one if it was cheaper (wtf $5 for 3 "pies"?) Yeah the "pies" were paper plates with whipped cream.

Anyways, after being amused, I went back to the table, and Ali got my cards out. And ate my salad. We started play president. ZOMG. I swear, Esther and Padam are gonna get me sick. D: < Jeez. Padam was acting like he got SARS or something, and Esther was totally related to him. Actually its ALISON LOOL @ HER ADAM AND EVE THINGY. LOOOOOL. Then Adam went and started flirting with more girls. -___-  *sniggers* I took his canned pears, and he didnt' notice ;D.

Haha, we told him about the canned pears, and then I was  telling him about my "grandpa who owns the canned pears company" and about my mom who owns a "shaving company". I must remember my family tree. So I have an uncle who owns a chubby company too. =] He threw his canned pears away. BIG MISTAKE LOOOOL. HE'S TEH SMARTEST PERSON I'VE MET, AND I SEE ESTHER EVERYDAY LOOOOL. I TOTALLY SAW IT IN SLO MO. IT WAS LIKE. *POOOSH* The liquid of the canned pears FLEW out like fireworks and totally ENGULFED US LOOOOOL. Haha, Me and Ali were farthest away, so we didn't get too much, but Adam and maybe Esther got most of it. LOL I SAW SOME PEARS COME OUT TOO.

I haven't laughed that hard in a while...since charades. ;___; First, time I laughed in school for a while... So all 4 of us were dying. Yeah.

Hahaha, Adam and Eve. that was amusing. Ali amuses me. There was something else too...Oh yeah, arranged marriage with Adam LOL. I almost told him I went for Asians. Almost. I last minute changed it to brown eyes. Hm. Maybe if a good un-asian person came by, I'll bend my rule? Me and my fettish with eyes. ;D I have a fettish for people for brown eyes. x____x Dark brown/black preferbably. Are my eyes dark brown, or black? Hm. LOL I don't even know what colour Adam's eyes are. I gotta see tomorrow LOL. Me = clueless.

Elizabeth, you'd love this other guy's eyes. They're special. Like, good for someone non asian. Never saw something like it before. Or maybe its just me.
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